HAMONIM - Workshop

HAMONIM - Workshop


HAMONIM - what moves masses *

Workshop: NOI - Balletto Teatro di Torino

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I ntensity

During the HAMONIM-Workshop we will work on the following questions:
How much can a dance production move?
How did you rehearse for HAMONIM ?
How can you work across all ages?
How did you deal with movements and themes in this dance production?**

The focus of the workshop is on the theoretical and practical examination of basic dance techniques and principles of movement, which take a closer look at the body as an archive and uncover different forms of memory processes in the body. Individual choreographic practices are presented that make use of an active memory work in different forms and in order to develop new techniques for generating movement. Excerpts from the training and research process for the trilogy on "Bodies in States of Emergency", which explored the body as the interface between the conscious and the subconscious, are tried out, analyzed and discussed together.
Bodies, their postures and their movements are shaped and shaped by individual, cultural and social memories. According to the body-sociological thesis, memories stored in the habitus can be called up in situations as implicit movement knowledge – and transferred to new situations. In recent years, this process has become an apparently inexhaustible source of inspiration for contemporary dance and has evoked a variety of artistic positions. Using physical interview techniques, HAMONIM explores how protective mechanisms manifest themselves in the body. In addition, movement approaches from contact improvisation, shiatsu and martial arts will be used to examine how the contrast between normality and the state of emergency affects groups of people and whether the feeling of being overwhelmed and powerless can serve as a starting point for renegotiating community.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when I see 70 people on stage?
HAMONIM – hebrew for „what moves masses" – is the third part of Patricia Carolin Mai's trilogy about "bodies in states of emergency" and was created during her 8-month choreographic residency at K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg. Together with 70 local dance-enthusiasts of all ages she explores: How can protective mechanisms manifest themselves in the body and renegotiate community. What is needed to exist and persist in a group? Is the individual at risk or do they experience protection? 70 people form a powerful stage community that dissects the parameters of togetherness and practices a critical stance towards the mass.

02.–03.10.2023 NOI - Balletto Teatro di Torino